Dr. Rook’s Revolution

Small-batch, American-made beauty and wellness product line that values full transparency.

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Like most Mama Bears, Alexis-Garcia Benetiz realized early in her pregnancy that it matters now more than ever what she’s putting into her body. At the time, natural beauty products were on the rise, but Alexis noticed there was a gap in the market for transparency CBD products. She realized if she wanted it done right, she had to take it into her own hands. This is where Dr. Rook. was born. Alexis partnered with her cousin, a clinical psychologist and esthetician, to create a lab-tested, mother-approved brand that would take care of her skin and wellness needs.


Providing a natural and organic based product line, infused with Mother Nature’s finest healing powers to deliver a broad spectrum of high-quality products.

Dr. Rook. has created a wide range of natural products that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine. Derived from premium hemp plants we capture naturally occuring phyto, cannabinoids, and terpenes to create the most effective full spectrum nano CBD products on the market.


Made entirely in the USA, our various products offer a wide array of transforming benefits, such as soothing anxiety, hydrating and nourishing skin, and mental well-being. We are a third party lab-tested and mother-approved brand that values providing natural high-quality CBD infused wellness products.